The Second Best Christian Movie Ever–Quo Vadis

The Passion of the Christ is my all time favorite faith-based movie.  If you’ve never seen it, Good Friday’s coming up, and there’s no better day to watch it.

You may recall The Passion of the Christ was shunned by Hollywood, mainly because it was to be filmed in two dead languages; Aramaic and Latin.

Since Gibson used no major production company, it might yet be the most profitable.

But what does it profit a movie fan to go his whole life without seeing the 1951 spectacular Quo Vadis?

Billed as a film about Caesar Nero (and rightly so) it completely embraced the suffering of early Christians under his rule.

I used to wish Gibson had followed up The Passion with a movie about the Acts of the Apostles.

Now that I’ve seen Quo Vadis, I realize it’s already been done.

Without question, the scene where the Apostle Peter preaches to a large group of Christians in Rome, might be the most powerful apologetic for the Gospel that Hollywood has ever seen.

We rented ours through Amazon for $2.99.

Considering the lessons it taught, it’s worth far more.

Like America today, the story bubbled over with the world’s greatest narcissist, played by the incomparable Peter Ustinov.

Watch it with a Christian, then recommend it to a Liberal.

The rise and fall of a once great nation (Rome) which forgot that only God should be treated like one, is something every American must be reminded of.

I HOPE you know what I mean.

Quo Vadis

PS…There’s something incredibly refreshing about a film that treats Truth as if it’s not a novelty.




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