Fed Up With the Pajama People

I’m not really sure where or how it started.

My gut tells me a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma.

In the old days it was cute, when on the rarest of occasions very little kids would pile into the ‘Sherman set the way-back’ of the LTD …always after dusk, to hide the indiscretion, and only mom or dad would exit the car, to reel in a DQ cone or two, or three, or four, or five, or six…there were lots of Catholics in town.

But now…OMG…they’re everywhere.

This rant had a bit to do with the dude right next to me at the breakfast bar in the Detroit Airport.

He wasn’t little either, at least physically–and–to add to the insult, he was with another 20 something guy, NOT in PJ’s.

Oh the shame–for both of them.

I bit my tongue…very hard…until now.

Here’s the bottom line people…the zombies aren’t coming…they’re already here, in pajamas walking around in broad daylight.

When they no longer fear the sun, that’s how you know the end is near.

Next up…the legging women…oh…you know what I’m thinking.

Pajama People


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