Run Scott Run–It’s Time Again

I had the privilege of meeting candidate Scott Brown when he ran for the open seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy.

He toured the armored truck factory in Pittsfield.

The timing for his victory over Martha Coakley was perfect.

The post-election narrative that “she was a bad candidate” is anything but true.

America was ticked over Obamacare and Scott reaped a reward for his hard-fought campaign.

What I learned about Scott Brown that day had more to do with the way he treated my brother Phil, who is chair-bound, due to the ravages of MS.

After the facility visit, Scott made his way over to a Rotary luncheon at the Crowne Plaza, where Phil greeted him as Rotary President.

In spite of a room full of well-heeled businessmen and politicians, Scott seemed far more concerned over Phil’s health, sitting and speaking with him at length, asking what, if anything he could do if elected.

It turns out there was MS legislation that needed some attention, and, in spite of the fact that we Masserys are campaign contributors in the $25-$100 dollar category, Phil received million dollar treatment from Scott and his staff.

Rumor has it Scott wants to give it another go for Senator in New Hampshire, a neighboring State to Massachusetts.

Any Democrat who says Scott’s a carpet-bagger for moving around please do me one favor–research Hillary–she did the same thing when putting down roots in New York.

When Scott first ran, he campaigned against Obamacare.

That strategy is a winner again.

But there’s one more thing, especially in New Hampshire, which the natives won’t forget…a neighbor named Mitt.

Never before has this country had a greater sense of buyer’s remorse than it does now.

The President’s polling data confirms how disappointed millions of Americans are, who gave him a second chance.

What they also realize, especially as Putin grabs territory with no fear of an emasculated America, is that our standing on the world stage has been severely hurt by the weakest foreign policy in our history.

The era of Obama and his swagger are over.

Never again will he win the Nobel Peace Prize–young people are mad as heck over the NSA snooping–and the most beloved man in America right now might be Mitt Romney.

He’s like a long-lost cousin, who, when you see him again, great memories come flooding back.

None was more gratifying than the replay of Obama mocking Mitt over his warnings about Putin in the Ukraine.

Watch the President, in the “snarkiest” tone possible, recite his DNC talking point.

“The 1980’s are now calling and asking for their foreign policy back.”


If you never read my blog again, at the very least, PLEASE watch this 41 second video.

Scott, the timing is perfect…dust off that old truck, and whatever you do, remind America of the rotten choice it made back in 2012…that strategy can’t lose either.

Scott and Mitt


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