Everything is NOT About Them…Yet

The playbook that militant atheists are using, by and large, is working just fine.

Their objective is to vilify the norm, by making everything in the world about them.

In an even greater way, militant Homosexuals have grabbed the same script, but with far more political clout than the atheists.

If you want proof, check out the latest attack on college kids trying to hold a marriage seminar at Stanford University.


The cauldron of boiling oil, with regard to political correctness, is bubbling over.

The only way we can possibly slow it down, is to jump in like a cannonball at a pool party, and awaken a few with the splash.

I’m growing more and more convinced that my thoughts will cause me jail time before I’m gone.

To all the militant leftists out there…May God forgive you, for you know not what you do.


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