Obama Gives Russia a “Diddy”

I used to play a game with my children when they were young.

In our Lebanese culture the term for a spanking is “Diddy.”

They never got real spankings, but Natalie and I still used the threat of them to help with discipline.

My mother would always say, when she was only pretending to spank me as a child “Diddy-diddy-die.”

It was a term of endearment, but still a reminder that I was out of line.

The game I played was to spank my kids on the arm as softly as possible, then do it again even softer, and then again with barely a touch–like a feather…saying “does this hurt?”

Each time they’d laugh out loud squealing back….”No it doesn’t hurt.”

By the time the little lesson was over, hopefully the child would understand that no matter what they did wrong, we as parents still loved them, but needed to at the very least focus on their misbehavior.

It seems as though the President has decided to punish Vladimir Putin for invading Crimea with a touch that may be softer than mine.  (Sanctioning 7 Russian citizens…I’m not kidding)

Somehow I don’t think it will have the same effect.

There’s a time for family fun Mr. President–and this is not the time.

The world is looking on and wondering if you can be taken seriously about anything.


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