NSA May Have New Domain Soon

Most companies that have invented something, through patents and attorneys etc…will do everything they can to hang on to their property.

The President (though some claim this has been the plan since ’88) will be taking away the naming rights for domains from our U.S. Commerce Department, and turning it over to an international organization. (Even though Al Gore and the Americans invented www)

Listen, I try to write this daily blog in less than 15 minutes…I don’t always have the time to delve into the facts…they get in the way.

My main purpose is to taunt liberals with 1% of the pain they put me through each day.

Bottom line…if somehow the domain renewal for the NSA’s website falls into the hands of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, I’m pretty sure www.NSA.gov might be promised to another.

It’s more likely the following website is the only thing she’ll make available:


Only in my world is that even remotely funny.

Liberals need not reply.



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