Boston’s Worst Mayor Yet

I don’t know anything about Boston’s new Mayor Martin Walsh, other than he’s decided to boycott their St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

I’m curious Marty, was that decision part of your campaign platform?

Are you next going to start protesting all Catholic images in your City as well?

Walsh and DeBlasio

You see, the same tactic being used to shame the likes of Martin and his equally sad counter-part Bill DeBlasio in New York, is that which atheists use to stamp out God from a community.

The militants that Martin and Bill are bowing to, don’t give a rats rear end about their Mayors.

What they care about is how they can strong-arm them into shaming God’s people.

So now, by boycotting said parade, each of these Mayors by fiat are declaring that anyone participating in them is a bigot.

I’ve got news for you folks…bigotry is a form of hatred.

If you believe standing up for your own religion is hatred, then America isn’t America any more.


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