Conspiracy Theories Falling From the Sky

I told my son the other day that any minute now the missing Malaysian 777 Jetliner will be blamed on aliens from outer space.

If I had family onboard that would be good news, in that they could still be alive and returned safely, hopefully having no memory of their Martian probe.

Please forgive me for making light, what has happened isn’t one bit funny.

What I hope and pray is that if by some miracle these 239 souls are still alive that God and His holy angels are protecting them from further harm.

If they perished, may our Heavenly Father welcome them all into eternity and provide comfort for the broken-hearted families left behind.

One theory I know that’s not a conspiracy is that God’s ways are never ours.

Help us all stay close to you Lord, so that when calamity strikes our faith carries us home.


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