Democrat Sinks in Florida–Republicans Jolly

Democrat candidate Alex Sink, a woman with a man’s first name, defended Obamacare in her campaign to fill a Congressional seat in Florida.

Mrs. “Sink” did exactly that to the hopes of Democrats hoping this strategy might work.

Since neither the A.P. or our local Newspaper will tell you the whole truth, President Obama won this district in ‘o8 and ’12.

Winning the race was a “Jolly” fellow named David; trust me, Republicans world-wide are feeling the same.

Jolly vs. Sink

Listen folks, the polls declared Mrs. Sink was way ahead with up to a 9% point lead.

So what happened?

Polls don’t vote, and like everything else liberals try to do through manipulation, such as looking at our phone records, or threatening conservatives with the IRS, one has to wonder, are Americans now too fearful to speak truth over the telephone?

If so, polling may become a thing of the past, like roadside emergency boxes…remember those?

But, thank God for the real polling/voting stations, where citizens confess their true feelings in private.

My dear Florida district that voted for Obama twice…you’ve been officially absolved of your sins.


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