Genetically Modified Taxachusetts

In the truth is stranger than fiction category, imagine you wanted to have a nose job, or liposuction, or some other body altering procedure…but you were too poor to pay the bill.

In Massachusetts, all you need do now is murder your wife and it’s done for free!

Think I’m making it up?


Just take a look at this pathetic story and the even worse argument the commentator makes to support it.


That’s right Commonwealth-ers and truth lovers from around the world, this MAN doesn’t feel comfortable with his genetic makeup…in fact he believes God got it wrong from the beginning.

So, he wants to be modified at the expense of the taxpayer.

His lawyer’s argument was simple…”if you don’t alter him he’ll do it himself and ultimately bleed out.”

Good luck with that plastic knife.

You know…I’ve always thought I’d like to trim a few centimeters off my double-wide Lebanese honker, but engineering it myself with a butcher knife never crossed my mind.

So, on top of being the world’s most cruel husband for murdering your innocent wife, you also have to be a certifiable nut-case, for trying to do your own junk adjustment surgery while in prison.

Congratulations Judge Wolf and company, you’ve reached your pinnacle as wise old sages…like it or not, this story will be chiseled on your tomb stones, because nothing else you’ve done can erase this image in our minds as taxpayers.

As for our legislature whose claim to fame is that creeps like Kosilek now have access to the ladies room anywhere in Massachusetts, you’re part of the problem, treating this kind of anomaly as if it’s a crisis that rises to the level of cancer or MS research, or providing access to courthouses for those in wheelchairs.

Please think about your immigrant Grandparents once in a while, and try to imagine what they’d say to you if they were here.

They weren’t bigots either…they were just honest.


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