Bible Study During Mass–No Poking Around

For those who follow and understand the Roman Catholic liturgy of the Word, it sure does throw water in the face of folks who say Catholics don’t read the Bible.

The fact is, not only do we read it together as a world-wide congregation, but we have guidance as to what Old Testament Scriptures mean, as they relate to clearer, New Testament teachings.

The Scriptures selected for this first Sunday of Lent could support an entire semester of Bible Study.

Here’s a link to all four readings.

If you’ve been to Mass today you already read them.

If you’re not Catholic, you owe it to that RC friend of yours, who you’ve looked at as an inferior spiritual being, to see what he’s actually getting and what you might be misunderstanding.

The bottom line, Adam and Eve had it easy…their temptation came as their lives were abundant.

On the other hand, temptation that Jesus faced came at the end of His 40 day fast, when any human would be most vulnerable.

As Adam and Eve trusted Satan over God, for no good reason, Jesus did the opposite, using His Father’s words to rebuke the adversary, when He had every right by human standards to fall flat, due to His weakened state.

The two readings in between our Old and New selections are Psalm 51 and Romans 5…where we see a broken-hearted man, King David, asking God for cleansing… St. Paul reminds us that the failure of one man could not stop the success of another, even to the redemption of the world.


What’s my point today?

Simple…if you’re a Catholic, don’t believe it when a Bible Christian says you don’t read the Bible…if you’re a Bible Christian, know the facts before you go endorsing the “flip through the Word and poke your finger anywhere for the lesson of the day” over what we do.

Bible Flipping


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