Zero Care–Yahoo!

For all intents and purposes Obamacare has already died under the weight of its own incompetence.

Here’s an idea, why not start abbreviating it by calling it O-Care?

Except that the O stands for the number 0, not the letter.

Yes friends, the President has delayed his signature legislation yet again.

ObamaCare delay

And what forever loyal news site has jumped down his throat?


Check this out.

Here’s an excerpt from the excellent article above by Rick Newman.

In November, Obama announced a one-year delay in the ban on “substandard” plans, as he used to call them. Now, extending the delay to 2016 will “provide consumers with choices so they can decide what is best,” the government says. Yet these limbo plans — temporarily allowed but bound to vanish at some point — defy the whole intent of Obamacare, as if the president is losing faith in his own plan. “This is a political move to minimize the impact of this as an argument against Democratic candidates,” says Sean Nicholson, a management professor at Cornell University.

Obama and his fellow Democrats certainly need some political cover as the November midterm elections approach. Support for the ACA has never risen above 45% and it actually weakened as the law went into effect. A recent Gallup poll shows 23% of Americans say they’ve been hurt by the law, while only 10% say they’ve been helped. That may overstate the ACA’s actual impact — since 16% of people said the ACA harmed them a year before it even went into effect — yet the negative impression alone is a big problem for Democrats who voted for the law and now must defend it as they run for reelection.

Keep the pressure on people.

America can only be saved by those willing to speak out.

Debate is not hate.


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