Home Schooling Germans Can Stay Now

Just a few days ago the Supreme Court refused to hear a case regarding the Romeike family, who were being deported by the Obama administration back to Germany.

This once great branch of the U.S. Government didn’t care that people much like the Pilgrims, seeking religious asylum here in America, were being forced back to a country that declares “home-schooling” illegal.  (They are hearing a case about a Muslim and his beard in jail…go figure.)

With all the problems in our progressive anti-God school system here, one must wonder, is this a sign of restrictions to come against American parents who also wish to educate their own?

Out of the blue, the Department of Homeland Security called legal counsel for the Romeike family and said that now they were able to stay.

Romeike Family with Legal counsel Mike Farris


So why the court case against them in the first place?

Did an underling of Obama buck the boss?

Maybe…maybe not.

Sure, it’s a miracle, but is it possible part of this miracle had to do with Democrat eyes being opened to the fact they’re way behind in the National polls for the up coming mid-term elections?

Somebody blinked.

Whatever it is, I’m proud to have written a post criticizing their deportation, and even more proud of our God who showed Divine Mercy to a good family being cast aside by God-haters in this once great land.


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