Putin in a Beatles Video?

For anyone wondering what’s going on in Russia and the Ukraine, the answer is pretty simple.

Check out this video.

The song ought to be changed to Comeback in the U.S.S.R.

And, did you see who showed up at the 1:54 mark?

That’s right, everybody’s favorite young KGB agent, Vlad Putin, knocking out a Ukraine girl.

And why is the world’s most obscure blogger the first person to notice him in this Beatles video?

Serious fans have always known the Fab 4 love secret messages.

Did they make this video somehow knowing Vladimir would lead Russia one day, invading Ukraine in unmarked uniforms?

Weird right?

Oh, and don’t call me a Commie because I prefer photos of Putin and Paul over Barack and Beyoncé?

They just seem to have more of a “make the world a better place” purpose.

Putin and Paul


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