Deporting Pilgrims–The New American History

In case you haven’t heard, a family from Germany is about to be deported by the Obama Administration.

Though they sought asylum legally, the President’s henchmen pressed them in court, arguing that fleeing Germany because they’re not allowed to Home School their children doesn’t live up to the kind of religious persecution that merits protection.



Mr. President, is it not possible that you started smoking weed in fourth grade and missed all of your American History lessons?

Oh wait…you didn’t go to school here as a young boy, you were in Indonesia.

That explains a lot.

Permit me to assist…you see, there were these quirky Christians called Puritans, who were told by a big oppressive European Government, kind of like Germany, but with lousy food, that they weren’t allowed to practice their religion in the Kingdom.

So, after hunting around for a place to live free, they finally settled in Massachusetts…you may have heard of Plymouth Rock…right?

So…yada, yada, yada, 300 years later France gives us a Statue of Liberty–because–by embracing millions of persecuted faithful followers of the Lord, including a few million Catholics, we basically stuck it in they eye of the Brits, France’s biggest rival.

But now, your new claim to fame is undoing what American History is all about..good job!

My dear Christian friends, this is one of those times when I just have to say “Obama is our Purgatory.”

We must be a very sinful country…because this one cuts deep.

Catholics will understand…just “offer up” this wound for the redemption of souls.

Otherwise we’ll all crack up I fear.

One last thing to readers who don’t have time for the article linked above…check out the comments of 15-year-old Daniel Romeike, the boy the President thinks should be deported with his family…it’s priceless.

Please, Mr. President, have mercy on this Christian family. They came to our shores longing to be free. They left their homeland to escape religious persecution. Please, sir. Welcome them to our land with open arms. Bestow upon them a small measure of grace so they might be able to raise their children in the land of the free, the home of the brave.  Please spare these dear souls.


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