Touched by the Son of God–Movie Review

I shared many happy television memories with my parents, when TV was still relatively wholesome.

It’s not any more.

But, at the tail end of TV’s family friendly hey-day, a program starring Roma Downey, called Touched by an Angel, always brought our clan closer together. (my wife and children that is)

We watched it religiously.

God’s greater grace poured through each episode, as His love and power was predictably revealed through heroic Angels.

The Son of God movie probably won’t please everyone.

The criticism that it “fast forwards” through the Gospel story is true.

But don’t forget John 21:25;  “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

Coincidentally, John the Evangelist is the narrator, reminding us that brevity is even more necessary when making a full length motion picture.

Catholics will be especially pleased to see numerous references to Peter and the rock; the Lord Jesus is holding a stone in the opening Sea of Galilee scene, as He recruits Peter…even the last shot of this fishing set shows Christ standing with Peter seated beneath Him…not an accident.

One more RC alert–watch what Peter does immediately after believing Jesus is back from the dead; it was “Mass-terful.”

Evangelicals shouldn’t fear though…this movie is all about what touches you most.

As for me, enjoying the discounted matinee at the Beacon Cinema with my wife ($14.50 for both of us) felt like a bargain, especially since we knew this handsome version of the Lord like we know our own kids.

Thank you Roma and crew for having the courage NOT to end this movie at the burial of Christ, like so many other Jesus films have done.

One has to wonder why it took a little Irish girl from County Derry and her co-producer husband Mark Burnett to be the first in Hollywood to make such waves with the most important Truth of all pertaining to our Lord…He’s alive.

This movie is fine for children as young as 10 & 11, provided they can comprehend that though Jesus suffered, He’s O.K. now.

There was an exceptionally good moment as the Lord calls Matthew to follow Him, turning a parable into reality.

Thank you again Roma and Mark for allowing the concept of sinners to be woven throughout your tale.

Sure it was predictable, but when Christians are involved, especially those who love to read our Bibles and attend Mass over and over again, isn’t that just what we want?

Roma Downey Diogo Morgado


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