The Dysfunctional Father

The reason George Washington is referred to as “Father of our Country” has as much to do with him being a compassionate fighter for the rights of Americans, as it does being the first Commander in Chief.

Never in my lifetime can I recall a President so willing to insult, bully and berate his own people, than the one we have now. (Even the first lady called young people “Knuckleheads.”)

It also seems he’s anxious to run and hide from our traditional rivals, like Russia. (Why no appearance at the Olympics?)

Charles Krauthammer stated recently that people were shocked by the weakness of the President’s response over the Russian invasion of The Ukraine three days ago.

For once I disagree with Charles.

People who live in a dysfunctional family are never surprised by the odd behavior of their co-dependent loved one.

Mr. Obama, as President of this great land, we’re compelled by the status of your office to consider you a loved one and father figure.

Please stop your hit-man Harry Reid from calling us liars for the horror your new Affordable Healthcare Act is causing.

It’s not fair to unfairly punish those you’re supposed to be protecting.

Would Washington?

Attack Putin, attack Iran and North Korea’s nuclear ambissions…but leave us kids alone.



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