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Pee-Wee’s Secret Word

March 31, 2014

When it came to absolute lunacy on Saturday morning TV, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse might’ve had the final word.

My wife wasn’t impressed.

If you read this blog, you’re not surprised I found it amusing…I love spoofs.

The nerdy comedian began each show with Conky the Robot printing off a secret word.

Whenever anyone on the show used it, everybody screamed real loud.

Honestly, he got me every time…off guard that is.

I’ve no idea who comes up with the talking points for the DNC; someone robotic I’m sure.

What I do know is what they are, and since they’re so much less clever than Pee-Wee, they catch no one off guard.

This morning an anti-Jim Massery letter to the editor was published in our local paper. (Rebutting a recent submission I offered decrying the woes of Obamacare, and discussing the closure of a local hospital).

Two DNC talking points were front and center.

Permit me to repost an excerpt below…his name is irrelevant…and since he’s a private citizen, I won’t attack him for being a liberal…he’s wallowing in enough self-loathing already.

As a matter of fact Massachusetts’ universal health care law under then-Governor Mitt Romney has been the law for nearly 10 years. It is an exact image of Obama’s ACA.

Why doesn’t he ask the Koch brothers to, instead of spending millions buying politicians, pump $30 or $40 million into NARH where it would do a whole community a lot of good?

The problem the DNC has is these talking points, “Romney” and “the Koch Brothers,” just aren’t working.

You see, they’ve worn out “blame Bush,” so now they’re jumping on Mitt, but their totally confused…almost like a school kid who fails a test, then tries to blame the kid he copied for having the wrong answers.

I’m good with that.

As far as the Kochs are concerned, I promise you, the average low information voter probably thinks they’re talking about boycotting Coca Cola.

Now, everybody, let’s all SCREAM REAL LOUD.





Let Me Be Blount Mr. Belichick

March 30, 2014

Some of my best NFL memories are of a power running back from the Miami Dolphins.

No one could spell his name, but they sure as heck knew what he could do.

Larry Csonka gained over a 1,000 yards in 1972.

Zonk loved running into arm-tacklers, as he dragged them for extra yardage.

Coach Don Shula built his offense around him, opening up passing lanes for Tom Griese to Paul Warfield (Earl Morrall while Griese was hurt).

True NFL fans know how special that season was…they went undefeated.

Another interesting thing happened on the way to the Super Bowl.

A smaller back, Mercury Morris, also gained 1,000 yards.

It was the first time ever that two running backs in the same backfield reached that milestone…one inside, the other outside…a beautiful thing.

Fast forward to the 2013 season for the New England Patriots.

No Super Bowl, not undefeated, but at least another AFC Championship appearance.

Let’s also make a few adjustments for inflation (of the passing game and schedule that is).

It’s almost hard to believe, but Paul Warfield, the star receiver for the Dolphins, only had 29 receptions in 1972…that’s it.

Using Massery math, adding in the 105 catch Julian Edelman factor, then subtracting the 16 vs 14 game season, I’ve calculated that the 772 and 773 yards that LeGarette Blount and Stevan Ridley rushed for respectively, equates to the same feat as Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris, right to the penny.

Mr. Belichick, I’m a huge fan of the Pats, and YOU too, but someone has to say this.

As far as I’m concerned, when you let LeGarrette Blount walk away to the Steelers for a lousy $3.85 million over 2 years, you just broke up Csonka and Morris over a bag of potato chips.

And you’re supposed to be the guy who loves NFL nostalgia?

Speaking of pennies, here’s another factor that needs to be added to the “ticked off and ready to scream fan club.”

Chad Ochocinco’s $6 million for one season…and yes, one touchdown…remember that?

Bad, bad, bad idea Bill, LeGarrette will make the Steelers much better.

I like Ridley, but plan on seeing your team’s run production taper off by at least 30%.

Funny…after the Dolphins rise in the early 70’s, the next dominant team was the Steelers.

Never help them Bill…you know the rules.

PS…(i.e. final rant) The Pats would NOT have had a home playoff game, forget about a first round bye, if Blount hadn’t carried your team on his back the entire months of December and January…Considering the effects of altitude, the Denver game should be thrown out…Personally, I can barely stand up the first 24-hours I’m there on business.  I just can’t get over throwing a guy to the curb, who arguably had the greatest playoff performance in Patriots history, with 4 TD’s vs. the Colts.

LeGarrette Blount's Record Setting TD Performance against the Colts in the Playoffs


Noah and the Pair of 800 lb. Gorillas

March 29, 2014

This is NOT a review of the movie Noah.

I haven’t seen it.

Considering the number of warnings floating around, I’m not convinced it’s worth $12.

Time will tell.

What I find far more curious, is how the most obvious thing of all regarding Noah the Movie is hardly making news.

Are you ready?

Some of you will be mad…but I don’t care.

Here it is…

(Taking a deep breath and asking very slowly) Did-the-Biblical-story-of-Noah’s-Ark-REALLY-happen?

I mean…think about it…pairs of EVERY animal, finding their way onto a gigantic yacht, as if they received a travel voucher for an all expense paid destination wedding for two on the Love Boat?

Here’s the strangest part.

Cover your eyes agnostics (and anyone with a Cambridge, Massachusetts address).

(Whispering) I’m down with it.

Ouch…an I-pad just bounced off my reputation.

So…you think I’m stupid?

Guess what, I’ll say it again…I DON’T CARE.

It’s my faith and I’ll do with it what I want.

Bottom line people, especially you middle of the road Christians….Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Well…did He?

If you said yes (or even, I’d like to believe that–help me Lord) does it not mean God can do anything?

Resurrection is a miracle, life/all of creation (including you) is a miracle, love is a miracle (not the lusting kind but the forgiving kind).

Our Heavenly Father isn’t the least bit interested in Noah the Movie failing or succeeding.

ALL He cares about…and I mean ALL, is whether or not YOU believe He raised His Son from the dead.

That’s it.

Here’s the doctrine; Romans 10:9, and pay close attention because there’s a prize if you get this right.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Did you catch that?

I certainly want to be saved from annihilation.

And guess what Christian brothers…God is so good He even loves vegetarians and environmentalists…hard to believe I know.

So…did you hear the one about the two 800 pound gorillas that walked onto a cruise ship?







Dairy Queens vs. Climate Change

March 28, 2014

Every November Dairy Queens in Pittsfield shut down for 5 months, because the climate changes so drastically.  (They’re really not DQ’s, just independents.)

When the weather gets bad, folks who run them simply lose their customers to the frigidity.

No one criticizes these hard-working people who toil daily the other 7 months for taking time off.

As far as the country’s health care system is concerned, the climate has changed severely there too.

Except the change it’s taking on is more like a lightning strike than a drop in temperature.

Over the past few days I’ve commented on social media and written a letter to the editor locally, about a nearby rural hospital that’s announced its closure.

Liberals have been freaking out because I dared to mention that Obamacare may have been a factor in discouraging the board to keep the facility open.

Did you ever think a liberal would argue against climate change?

These people are so enslaved by Obama, I think they’d open a Dairy Queen in Fargo on Christmas Day if their progressive messiah told them to.

Affordable Care Act and friends, please go jump in a frozen lake.

Wait…that wouldn’t be good, who will fix their broken necks as they hit the ice?

Gender Neutral Mean Girls

March 27, 2014

I have a very hard time with lefty women who push that politically correct “gender neutral” shtick.

It’s a lie built on the premise that if you believe men and women are wired differently then you’re somehow a bigot.

Fact is, men are defenders, women are nurturers.

So when a little boy wants to play cops and robbers, or Army, gender neutral mean girls try and stop them.

Have they nothing better to do?

Another tragedy is them telling little girls they can’t wear pink, or play with dolls…or do dress up games.

Talk about mean.

Where am I going with my pointless points today?

Listen…there’s a far bigger problem; these same women, supposedly trying to equal things out, so men have no more advantage over women, are the same gaggle promoting abortion on demand.

This murderous practice, especially in places like China and India, have morphed into a gender selection epidemic, that now kills more little girls than pictures of Paul McCartney in 1964.

And how is that you say?

Why it’s the ultrasound of course, which give parents a window into the womb and the private parts.

Oh that this technology never existed; literally millions of baby girls would be alive today.


Who Voted for Obamacare?

March 26, 2014

Recently a friend of Natalie’s was visiting the house.

We talked about the sad news of the small regional hospital in our area (North Adams) that’s closing any day now.

I wasted no time bringing up the fact that small hospitals all over America are shutting their doors, unable to comply and/or remain liquid under the strict demands and changes of the Affordable Care Act.

Natalie’s friend (let’s call her Cee Cee) declared something I found compelling.

Who voted for that?

Good question Cee Cee.

The answer is NOBODY.

Please don’t ever forget people, the Affordable Care Act was pushed through without public consent.

A grand total of ZERO Americans, except for the politicians of ONE political party, are the cause for this new law that’s negatively affecting one of the most important and highly delicate systems of our economy.

And I thought America was a Democracy.

Turns out it’s really a Representative Republic, which means we vote those in who we like, and vote those out who we don’t, asking them to speak for us.

Yes friends, change is coming, because the people are not happy.

Voting Machine

Hospitals Burn While Emperors Fiddle

March 25, 2014

Yesterday I posted about a movie called Quo Vadis.

It’s the story of Caesar Nero.

History teaches Nero deliberately set fire to Rome, in order to rebuild it better than before.

He never considered the harm he was doing.

The line that poked me hardest was when he said “I’m doing it for them.”

His dastardly act was so unpopular with citizens he chose to blame early Christians for the inferno, to escape criticism.

Of course, followers of Jesus had nothing to do with the blaze, but since they were small in number, it made them an easy target.

Fortunately for Truth’s sake, Christians weren’t as weak as Nero thought.

While he tortured them in the coliseum, they sang hymns of praise, embracing martyrdom like heroes.

I see history repeating itself in the Obamacare disaster.

Just today a small local hospital announced it would close. (North Adams Regional)

As far as the President’s concerned, his health care changes make life better.

Tell that to 530 plus folks being laid off on Friday, not to mention the thousands of families who relied on the Hospital for care.

Maybe we should blame it on the Christians?

That’d be easy, most are conservatives who opposed the Affordable Care Act.

Violin music anyone?

Emperor Nero

The Second Best Christian Movie Ever–Quo Vadis

March 24, 2014

The Passion of the Christ is my all time favorite faith-based movie.  If you’ve never seen it, Good Friday’s coming up, and there’s no better day to watch it.

You may recall The Passion of the Christ was shunned by Hollywood, mainly because it was to be filmed in two dead languages; Aramaic and Latin.

Since Gibson used no major production company, it might yet be the most profitable.

But what does it profit a movie fan to go his whole life without seeing the 1951 spectacular Quo Vadis?

Billed as a film about Caesar Nero (and rightly so) it completely embraced the suffering of early Christians under his rule.

I used to wish Gibson had followed up The Passion with a movie about the Acts of the Apostles.

Now that I’ve seen Quo Vadis, I realize it’s already been done.

Without question, the scene where the Apostle Peter preaches to a large group of Christians in Rome, might be the most powerful apologetic for the Gospel that Hollywood has ever seen.

We rented ours through Amazon for $2.99.

Considering the lessons it taught, it’s worth far more.

Like America today, the story bubbled over with the world’s greatest narcissist, played by the incomparable Peter Ustinov.

Watch it with a Christian, then recommend it to a Liberal.

The rise and fall of a once great nation (Rome) which forgot that only God should be treated like one, is something every American must be reminded of.

I HOPE you know what I mean.

Quo Vadis

PS…There’s something incredibly refreshing about a film that treats Truth as if it’s not a novelty.



I’m Noah Glenn Beck

March 23, 2014

First off, my influence among conservatives is like a droplet compared to Glenn Beck’s flood.

I’m a huge fan, I read his books and believe his daily radio program is the perfect blend of comedy and truth.

I like that.

There’s just one problem–Proverbs 27:6

The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy.

I have to say this friend; it’s not O.K. to rain on Christians, asking them to boycott the movie Noah, before seeing it yourself.

I’m the world’s most predictable critic…check out any of my reviews.

But, at the very least, I won’t encourage protesting anything until I know the facts.

Bottom line…Natalie and I have a date…her suggestion.

If I don’t do a review–the safe bet is I left feeling lukewarm.

If hot or cold, get ready for me to Crow(e).

Sorry Glenn, you’ve forgotten your audience is smarter than most…we’ll figure it out.

Glenn Beck

Tearful Origins of a Catholic (S)aint

March 22, 2014

A recent discussion on FB with a Baptist cousin, and the story of an heroic Christian named Dr. Jerome Lejeune of France, inspired today’s post.

As I read the article about the man who discovered Down syndrome, I could not help but weep.

You will too.

For those curious about how Catholicism works, with regard to the origins of a Saint–capital (S)–please read this amazing article by Peter Baklinski, from Life Site News, reposted in its entirety below.

FRANCE, March 21, 2013 ( – The world was his oyster. Not only was he a young, handsome medical researcher passionate about improving human lives, but he was the first to make the genetic breakthrough that Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra 21st chromosome.

Fame, glory, and prestige were heaped upon him for his discovery. He was splashed across the front pages of national newspapers. He became an advisor to the president. He received the highest award in genetics. He shot to distinction as a scholar, teacher, and researcher.

Dr. Jerome Lejeune

Dr. Jerome Lejeune

But Dr. Jerome Lejeune of France was also a man of truth, committed to his principles.

One day national television showed a film about a woman pregnant with a Down syndrome child. The mother wanted to abort her baby, but the laws at the time favored life. A debate followed the film, during which people he perceived as strong and powerful advocated for aborting these children.

The day after the show, a young boy with Down syndrome burst into Dr. Jerome’s busy practice, his distraught face streaked with hot tears.

“Why are you crying,” Dr. Jerome asked him.

The boy, about 10, could not collect himself so the boy’s mother replied: “He saw the movie, and I couldn’t stop him crying.”

At that moment, the boy threw himself into the doctor’s arms and managed to say between sobs: “You know…they want to kill us…And you have to save us, because we are too weak…and we can’t do anything.”

Dr. Jerome’s daughter, Clara Lejeune Gaymard, remembers this as the day her heroic father became a voice for the voiceless.

Clara recounted, in a 2011 interview with Leticia Velasquez, that day her father came home for lunch. She remembers his face being ashen white as he recounted to his family what had just occurred in his practice.

He then spoke words that his daughter will forever remember: “If I don’t protect them, I am nothing.”

Clara said that from this moment onward, Dr. Jerome became outspoken against abortion, a champion for life in the womb.

Because of his public position against abortion, Dr. Jerome’s career immediately began to be attacked by those who had only recently bestowed praise upon him. He lost grants to continue his research.

“He was like a pariah, and so on, but he accepted that because he thought he was doing that which was his duty,” recounted Clara.

“Here is a man who, because his convictions as a physician prohibited him from following the trends of the time, was banned from society, dropped by his friends, crucified by the press, prevented from working for lack of funding,” Clara wrote in her 1997 biography of her father titled Life Is a Blessing, A Biography of Jerome Lejeune.

Despite hostility and ostracization from medical colleagues, Dr. Jerome fearlessly continued to speak out frequently against abortion, not only in France, but in Europe and abroad.

As an expert witness in a 1989 abortion-related court in the U.S., Dr. Jerome testified: “I know there are babies, there are human beings in the fridge, this is the only thing I know.”

“And I would say that science has a very simple conception of man,” he said. “As soon as he has been conceived, a man is a man.”

As a scientist committed to truth, Dr. Jerome knew that all the evidence pointed to the new life in the womb being a unique unrepeatable human being. His scientific knowledge would not allow him to condone the destruction of any human being.

Dr. Jerome continued to fight on behalf of Down syndrome children. He was heartbroken to see his genetic discovery being used to test unborn children for the syndrome so that they could be aborted.

Stats indicate that about 90 percent of children with Down syndrome are rejected and destroyed by their parents, just because they have one extra chromosome.

“They brandish chromosomal racism like the flag of freedom,” he once wrote. “That this rejection of medicine—of the whole biological brotherhood that binds the human family—should be the only practical application of our knowledge is beyond heartbreaking.”

But Dr. Jerome saw all life as a blessing. He knew that people with an extra chromosome had something extra special to give the world. Stats show that 99 percent of person’s living with the syndrome report being happy and enjoying fulfilling lives. A staggering 97 percent of families who have children with chromosomal abnormalities report that these children “enriched their lives,” irrespective of the length of their lives.

Dr. Jerome died in 1994 at age 67. His life’s work and unwavering convictions about the value of human life did not go unnoticed by people of faith. In 2004 Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini of France called for the opening of his cause for beatification, the first step to becoming a recognized saint in the Catholic Church.

“He was a man of science who lived his Christian faith in his professional work, heroically, showing his faith with a simplicity and joy, serving life with a full devotion and complete disinterest,” said Cardinal Angelini at that time.

Advocates for Down syndrome children are urging people today to follow the example of Dr. Jerome by not being afraid to embrace those with an extra chromosome.

“Authentic and effective Down syndrome advocacy must begin by embracing and advocating specifically for the baby with Down syndrome in the womb,” wrote Monica Rafie, co-founder of Be Not Afraid Ministry, an outreach to parents grappling with prenatal diagnosis.

As Dr. Jerome would often tell people about his stance for life: “I have to tell the truth. I’m not judging anyone; I’m not saying anything else besides the truth of the science, and I have to testify about that.”