Clueless Republicans in Arizona

When will AZ Republicans learn that the country as a whole doesn’t need any more laws to help folks live normal lives.

The idea that they can legislate “protections” for Christians, in a world boiling over with political correctness, is absolutely absurd.

The deck is stacked like never before.

Here’s the bottom line Bakers, Photographers and Inn Keepers…you only need a tiny bit of wisdom and preparation to protect yourselves from condoning sin.

Bookmark this page now if you love the Lord and the souls of the lost.

Bakers…keep a nasty tasting cake handy at all times, offering a morsel to the “friends” who need proof of your abilities.

Photographers….pictures of chopped off heads are a must, and don’t forget to mention you’re a bit worried about the onset of Parkinson’s.

Inn Keepers…when the phone rings, just tell them you’d be happy to accommodate them, as soon as the Orkin Man is done fumigating the place for bed bugs.

Isn’t that a lot easier than going to court?

Many of these so called “love-birds” are actually looking for a law suit…which is clearly very conniving.

We must connive right back at them.

Off With Their Heads


2 Responses to “Clueless Republicans in Arizona”

  1. Lydia O'Lydia Says:

    As wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove~ Matt 10:16

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