Congratulations Senator Warren

For any of you out there trying to steal credit for the wildly successful Occupy Wall Street Movement, created by our very own Native American Senator Elizabeth Warren, I say, back off!

If the media claims Ted Cruz owns the Tea Party, then dog-gonnit, she owns the Flea Party, as speeches she gave shined light on the inequalities so much the cause of all that’s wrong in America.

If she gets her way, poor folks can have a few more dollars to buy weed.

At least if they can’t be as wealthy as her, they can “trip” on the fantasy…kind of like some politicians do on the idea that they’re a victimized minority professor.

Well…now the movement has resurfaced, in of all places, the San Francisco Bay area.

It seems some really good citizens have spray painted obscenities about the 1%’ers–right on their homes.

Doesn’t that make a great point?

Here’s the news article to prove my claim, confirming our dear Senator’s successful message has motivated her A-Team to action.

We’re so proud of you Liz.

You’re a national hero!

I wish I was 1/32nd as successful as you.

Occupy Everything


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