Eat a Bagel Mr. Hagel

I’m sure that Defense Secretary Hagel has had a fine career with our Government.

It’s just too bad it has to end with so much dough in his mouth.

Is anyone else not surprised that the only time Mr. Obama’s administration talks about fiscal responsibility is when it has to do with shrinking our military?

What about how a real fiscal leader behaves, who downsizes everywhere when it comes to balancing the books?

Does anyone see the HHS secretary talking about fiscal responsibility in heatlhcare, or any of his Food Stamp Czars offering feeding frenzy cutbacks?

Friends, this is the man’s ultimate goal, to weaken our military in the name of leveling the playing field.

Even Hagel calls it a risk.

The bigger risk Mr. Hagel is the legacy you and Mr. Obama are creating by trying to make America weak.

Go eat a bagel sir…maybe then you won’t be able to talk for a while.

Don’t accept this lying down folks…this is about as bad as it gets.


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