The World’s Most Famous Northern African

It’s important to remember, especially in a western world with a growing Muslim population, that one of the greatest Christian minds ever, was a Theologian born in the area of Northern Africa we know now as Algeria.

St. Augustine, outside of the Gospel and Epistle writers, may be the most universally revered Christian of all time.

Imagine that up until his two books, The City of God and Confessions, books for leisure study were almost non-existent.

Imagine also that the concept of original sin, which we take for granted, was clearly defined by Augustine for the first time.

He also defended the Trinity before for the famous Councils of the early church Fathers.

After watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics last night, it was a good reminder of how proud people are of their national origin.

Hey Algerians, thank you for St. Augustine!

He’s a gold medalist in my book.

If not for him, most of us might still think we were born perfect.

Please take a moment or two and read about this wonderful Saint of God.


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