Knuckleheads Don’t Grow On Trees

In case you didn’t hear, Michelle Obama, on a recent late night television appearance, called those unwilling to buy health insurance “knuckleheads.”

When President Obama ran for office, he relied heavily on the youth vote.

The assumption is, you protect those who helped you get elected.

But not so, even though kids under 30 were the most enthusiastic for “hope and change,” they’re running as fast as they can away from him now.

It seems the Affordable Healthcare Act is the biggest change they got, yet there’s no hope it’ll be affordable for anyone if these same kids aren’t signing up.

So now, in true form, as the hand puppet all those who worship Obama are, they mouth his words, insulting young people, especially the unmarried, for not allowing the Ventriloquist-in-Chief to shove his arm through their back packet.

For those my age “Knucklehead” is a wooden creation of Paul Winchell (also Tigger’s voice) from the 50’s and 60’s.

He was the dumber of the two headlining puppets; Jerry Mahoney was the smarter.

In this video below, the skit calls for criticism of the hollow headed one only.

By sheer coincidence, it’s a painful attempt by Knucklehead to fill out a government form because he has no job.


Jerry Mahoney-Paul Winchell-Knucklehead Smiff


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