Mikaela’s Downhill Victory

Yesterday in Russia, America’s Olympic gold medal skiing hopes were fulfilled by a sweet young lady, Mikaela Shiffrin.

Local folks know her mom and grandmother are from Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

It was a bit of an inside joke for us who grew up on Berkshire slopes; the night skiing capital of the world.

Sharp turns at high speeds are necessary to avoid chairlift towers and snow guns.

That move she pulled in the second run, almost flying off the course but hanging on by the tip of her poles, could only be accomplished by a teenager…they do those moves nightly at Jiminy, Bousquet and Butternut.

Speaking of “downhill,” once we’re done giving God thanks for Mikaela’s amazing runs, don’t forget to offer up a prayer for her to stay cute, sweet and innocent.

The world is real good at taking lovely young ladies like her and doing everything it can to turn them into sex symbols, as if that’s all that matters when a woman becomes famous.

Mikaela, we love you just the way you are.

Listen closely to mom and dad, they know what’s best and care way more about your well-being than can be humanly measured.

Great job!

USOC Media Summit


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