Judging a Dunkin’ Donuts

If there’s anything happening across America that makes a traveling New Englander happy, it’s the Dunkin’ Donuts explosion of retail stores…including at Airports.

Yes, it’s the best coffee for me.

Starbucks is too bitter for my palate.

I also like that in any DD’s, at any moment of the day, you’ll see a true cross section of blue, white and no collar people. (You’ll never see a house painter at Starbucks)

My wife judges them by the accuracy of the order.

Not me…I assume mistakes and look at them as opportunity to try something new.

What I like is the speed of service.

If I go through a drive-thru line in under a minute, I’m ready to write headquarters for them to receive a citation.

I don’t care if I got the guy behind me’s Bacon Egg and Cheese wrap and I ordered 6 Munchkins.

You just have to go with it, provided you get what you really came for…a form of caffeine.

I must say, there’s one pet peeve I have…it’s the outdoor overflowing trash can.

It turns my stomach.

So, New Englanders, how do you judge them?



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