Christians Still In Prison

Imagine for a moment that 12 women, friends of the President, were imprisoned in the Middle East by President Assad.

Do you think our President would have something to say?

Of course.

Now, let’s reverse the situation.

Imagine that 12 women, friends with Jesus, are in the same predicament, but they’re being held by the Rebel allies of Obama.

You know the answer, and you know why it takes the world’s most obscure blogger to tell you this story.

If you think this isn’t true, go out and buy the Arabic Rosetta Stone, study it for three months, then watch this video.

You’ll hear it all.

Notice also these 12 nuns have been stripped of their crosses.

The joy of the Lord in their faces, through the suffering, causes me to think of the disciples in chains, freed by angels in the Acts of the Apostles.

It’s no coincidence there are twelve.

God knows what He’s doing…His kindness always reminds us of His boundless Mercy of the past, so that we trust it for the future.

Pray for them brethren; chances are pretty good they’re praying for us.

Nuns in Prison


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