The Future of Girls Softball–No Girls

I always admired Red Auerbach, not just for being the greatest NBA Coach of all time, but for being the most innovative General Manager.

Toward the end of Bill Russell’s illustrious career, what did Red do?

That’s right, he made him the first Black head coach in any major sport.

Russell was actually a player/coach…making things even tougher.

Yet he still won 11 championships for the Celtics.

Imagine how many he could have won, if the WNBA were around then, and Bill had a serious identity crisis?

You see, in California Assembly Bill 1266 allows boys who feel like girls to play on any girls sports team.

Now that far superior African American basketball players have left jump-deprived Caucasian players in the dust in the NBA, how much longer will it be before bio-girls in California will actually stop making their own teams, if they have to compete with boys?

Think of the scholarship money these former “boys” could earn.

Colleges will need to abide by the new Assembly Bill as well.

Remember, for progressives, the Homosexual/Transgender movement is the new Civil Rights War.

Azusa High School near L.A. is about to liberate their girls softball team from those who throw like girls.

Good luck Pat Cordova-Goff, you’re a hero in the modern civil rights movement…just watch out for that “girl” you slide into at home-plate, “she” might be gunning for you.



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