Bode Miller Interview Over the Top

I’ve never before quoted someones’ tweets, as if they’re real commentary.

In this case I’m making an exception.

First, congratulations to American Bode Miller, the oldest skier to ever win an Olympic downhill medal.

As one who only knows ice in New England, there’s no harder thing to do, maintaining speed, feeling like your head is about to go over the top, because of a slope’s radical pitch.

Yet Miller, with 36-year-old knees, did something special.

He hung on to beat dozens of younger and stronger men, claiming a Bronze.

As he interviewed with NBC reporter Christin Cooper, the questions she raised were over the top.

I think all of America screamed “SHUT UP CHRISTIN!!!” at the same moment.

So what did Bode do later that night?

He showed mercy, like the gentleman he is.

Here’s what he tweeted.

“I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault.

“My emotions were very raw, she asked the questions that every interviewer would have,”

“Pushing is part of it, she wasn’t trying to cause pain.”

“Thanks for all the support, today was one of the most emotional days of my life. I miss my brother.”

You are too kind Bode, because it actually was all her fault.

But, little white lies, which attempt to spare the feelings of others, are sometimes necessary.

Thanks for being a graceful winner.

Skiing fans in America will miss your presence on the slopes.

You definitely went out in style.

Watch this video-but only if you must–it’s painful.

Victory Tears for Bode


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