Touching Hearts Changing Minds–By Dancing With Daddy

Those from the Pittsfield area who know a little of our connection to the Father Daughter Valentine Dance, might appreciate this story.

It seems a Sheriff in Virginia, thinking way outside the box, allowed a Father Daughter Dance to happen behind bars.

As the little girls came through barred doors, dressed to the nines, for the opportunity to hold, hug and slow dance with their daddies for the first time in years, tears flowed from both partners.

Great job Sheriff Woody.

You’ve figured something out that our Lord has been doing for years; touching hearts, so that minds can be changed.

We all break the law when we put our own needs ahead of others.

By having connections to family, understanding they suffer through our failures as sinners, the most powerful crime-stopper of all–LOVE–is doing what no rehabilitation program can.

This video is impressive; good job ABC News.

Father Daughter Dance behind bars


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