Uncle Fester a Felon in BC

If you never saw the Addams Family you won’t have any idea what this blog is about.

Coincidentally, a figure skating pair in the Olympics last night used a snippet of their theme song.

The commentator said something like “they may have gotten good enough to update the seriousness of their accompaniment.”

Hey…I resemble that remark….(Curly Fine).

Here’s some bad news Uncle Fester fans.

Should our dear relative be driving around British Columbia, smoking a 100 watt incandescent light bulb, G.E. of course, they’re Macanudos to Fester, he risks breaking Provincial law.

Now, might his hairier relative, Cousin It, get frisked for that crack pipe he’s forever had hidden inside his wool carcass–no problem.

Oh Canada, you speak French…that drives me wild.

Uncle Fester



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