Atheist Group Opposed to Feeding the Poor

This is the kind of stuff that tries men’s souls.

It seems an Atheist group called the Appignani Humanist Legal Center fired off an angry letter criticizing a public school for conducting a field trip where children packed food into bags for starving youngsters in Haiti.

There was a time in America where people like this wouldn’t dare speak out.

Now, they’re embraced for…drum roll please…here it comes…”their feelings.”

That’s right dear people, feelings trump the law at the “Pig” HLC, because the lunch packing happened inside of a Lutheran Church and that made them “uncomfortable”

Let me get this straight…you’re so incensed by this act of charity, that you’re doing whatever you can to stop it, even if it means children in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country might die from malnutrition?

Here’s a copy of the rebuttal letter from legal counsel telling the atheist “Pig” HLC to go back to their mud hole and wallow in it.



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