Outdoing Last Night’s Beatles Tribute

I can still remember the excitement in our T.V. room, (we called it The Den), the night The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

My father was pessimistic–my big sister euphoric.

I think she said “I love Paul” 300 times.

Last night’s tribute to the anniversary of this American coming out party was a blast.

Special thanks to the usually schizo Grammy Committee for realizing the two remaining boys from Liverpool, solidly into their twilight years, are the Bing Crosbys and Perry Comos of today…well above the raunchiness of a typical Grammy “slut fest.”

The only thing that made me uncomfortable were the gal voices.

I won’t say their names, but you know.

Not one of them was “Perry” much on “Keys” sounding like smashing “Lennox” china.

Ever the wise guy right?

As for the gents, giants like Stevie Wonder, Jeff Lynne (of ELO, for whom I’ve written a juke-box play) John Legend and Joe Walsh, this night was classic…something to remember for another 50.

Paul and Ringo still sing like gangbusters and the only thing missing was a promise by the remaining Fab 2 of a reunion concert with George and John’s very able sons.

Who wouldn’t love that?

I dare say that might be the only thing that could outdo last night’s audience enthusiasm.

P.S. I DVR’d this program thinking I’d watch the Olympics live and the Beatles tribute tomorrow…couldn’t resist…had to switch over, but when I finally turned back to NBC, it looked like all of America had punched Bob Costas in the eye. 

The Beatles US Box Set


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