New Buzz Words “Job Lock” and “Drug Policy”

All I had to do was read the title of the latest E.J. Dionne article in our Berkshire Eagle today.

The left-wing cavalry has come to Obama’s rescue again, attacking the non-partisan CBO, Congressional Budget Office, for telling the truth about the 2.3 million jobs Obamacare is costing America.

But no, it’s a blessing folks are losing jobs, according to wing nuts on the left, because they’re no longer stuck in “job lock,” preventing them from pursuing their dreams.

And since their previous dream was to be locked in to a good paying job, that makes these folks even more ignorant, since our culture is racing toward a majority that don’t work, living off those who do.

I guess laziness and cunning is now a better virtue.

And here’s another great one…blaming our “drug policy” for the death of a movie star heroin addict, because purchasing heroin is not managed by the government as a legal substance.

Check out these comments which appeared in yesterday’s column by Eugene Robinson regarding the death of Mr. Hoffman.

The genius of American liberalism is beyond words.

As long as this commerce is illegal, it is totally unregulated. Since we know that addicts will continue to buy drugs on the street, we also know that some will die from drugs that are either too potent or adulterated with other substances that could make them lethal. Is this really the intent of our drug policy? To invite users to kill themselves?

Job Lock


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