Super Bowl From Mars–Butt Not Venus

In no way is this meant to be sexist.

My conservative readers will likely agree…the liberal ones, if there are any, might not.

Raise your hand if you didn’t mind having a “slut-free” half time show at the Super Bowl.

You know who I mean…the plethora of Hollywood women who seem to sing through their buttocks-es in every performance.

The greatest Super Bowl talent barometer of all is wife Natalie.

When Bruno Mars’ band took the stage she said…”Look how nice they look–very good.”

It was true.

The act had a Mo-Town feel, with choreographed dance steps and the classic tie & jacket.

She walked out when the half-naked white guys came on.

You had to agree there was hope from the get-go when the National Anthem was sung by the lovely Renée Fleming.

She’s got the kind of voice you turn around and admire if you hear it at Church.

I know because that happens to Natalie every Sunday…as I proudly smile back at fellow parishioners with my mouth shut so not to interfere with her angelic sound.

Great job NFL–but next time please hold the Chili Peppers.

They were a bit soggy.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show


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