Telling Off Southwest Airlines

My father’s philosophy about disputes or arguments, is that when the subject is not one pertaining to morals or principles, the big man always backs down.

For example, the time I chose a window seat on a Southwest flight and the couple who sat next to me thought it would be O.K. to have the hefty husband sit in the middle while the petite wife chose the aisle.

If you’ve seen me in person, you know I’m not small.

That was ignorant and rude–but–not a matter of morals or principles, so I kept my mouth shut.

I moved…but it was without comment…until today.

Now you might think this blog post is about telling off an airline because they cancelled a flight or lost my luggage.

Again…no deliberate intent there, so that means no tongue lashing.

However, the story about Southwest I just read on Lifesite News inspired me to ping them on their Facebook page today.

If you agree, you should too…and when you “message” them, be sure to include your customer rewards number…it’ll help them calculate what disrespecting human life costs their bottom line…not to mention the souls of management too blind to acknowledge when life begins.



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