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Clueless Republicans in Arizona

February 28, 2014

When will AZ Republicans learn that the country as a whole doesn’t need any more laws to help folks live normal lives.

The idea that they can legislate “protections” for Christians, in a world boiling over with political correctness, is absolutely absurd.

The deck is stacked like never before.

Here’s the bottom line Bakers, Photographers and Inn Keepers…you only need a tiny bit of wisdom and preparation to protect yourselves from condoning sin.

Bookmark this page now if you love the Lord and the souls of the lost.

Bakers…keep a nasty tasting cake handy at all times, offering a morsel to the “friends” who need proof of your abilities.

Photographers….pictures of chopped off heads are a must, and don’t forget to mention you’re a bit worried about the onset of Parkinson’s.

Inn Keepers…when the phone rings, just tell them you’d be happy to accommodate them, as soon as the Orkin Man is done fumigating the place for bed bugs.

Isn’t that a lot easier than going to court?

Many of these so called “love-birds” are actually looking for a law suit…which is clearly very conniving.

We must connive right back at them.

Off With Their Heads


Congratulations Senator Warren

February 27, 2014

For any of you out there trying to steal credit for the wildly successful Occupy Wall Street Movement, created by our very own Native American Senator Elizabeth Warren, I say, back off!

If the media claims Ted Cruz owns the Tea Party, then dog-gonnit, she owns the Flea Party, as speeches she gave shined light on the inequalities so much the cause of all that’s wrong in America.

If she gets her way, poor folks can have a few more dollars to buy weed.

At least if they can’t be as wealthy as her, they can “trip” on the fantasy…kind of like some politicians do on the idea that they’re a victimized minority professor.

Well…now the movement has resurfaced, in of all places, the San Francisco Bay area.

It seems some really good citizens have spray painted obscenities about the 1%’ers–right on their homes.

Doesn’t that make a great point?

Here’s the news article to prove my claim, confirming our dear Senator’s successful message has motivated her A-Team to action.

We’re so proud of you Liz.

You’re a national hero!

I wish I was 1/32nd as successful as you.

Occupy Everything

Look Up–Look Down

February 26, 2014

I wonder what the Lord’s ministry might be like if now was the time He decided to first come to earth in human flesh?

With the incredible number of folks who barely look up from their smart phones, does it not seem possible Christ could go largely unnoticed?

Our closeness to God the Father starts with us looking down, but not at an electronic device, but folded hands.

Lord help us to look up, by looking down in prayer.

We all need to be ready, for we know not the hour or the day of your return.

The only thing we seem to know, is the battery life of our devices.


Eat a Bagel Mr. Hagel

February 25, 2014

I’m sure that Defense Secretary Hagel has had a fine career with our Government.

It’s just too bad it has to end with so much dough in his mouth.

Is anyone else not surprised that the only time Mr. Obama’s administration talks about fiscal responsibility is when it has to do with shrinking our military?

What about how a real fiscal leader behaves, who downsizes everywhere when it comes to balancing the books?

Does anyone see the HHS secretary talking about fiscal responsibility in heatlhcare, or any of his Food Stamp Czars offering feeding frenzy cutbacks?

Friends, this is the man’s ultimate goal, to weaken our military in the name of leveling the playing field.

Even Hagel calls it a risk.

The bigger risk Mr. Hagel is the legacy you and Mr. Obama are creating by trying to make America weak.

Go eat a bagel sir…maybe then you won’t be able to talk for a while.

Don’t accept this lying down folks…this is about as bad as it gets.

The World’s Most Famous Northern African

February 24, 2014

It’s important to remember, especially in a western world with a growing Muslim population, that one of the greatest Christian minds ever, was a Theologian born in the area of Northern Africa we know now as Algeria.

St. Augustine, outside of the Gospel and Epistle writers, may be the most universally revered Christian of all time.

Imagine that up until his two books, The City of God and Confessions, books for leisure study were almost non-existent.

Imagine also that the concept of original sin, which we take for granted, was clearly defined by Augustine for the first time.

He also defended the Trinity before for the famous Councils of the early church Fathers.

After watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics last night, it was a good reminder of how proud people are of their national origin.

Hey Algerians, thank you for St. Augustine!

He’s a gold medalist in my book.

If not for him, most of us might still think we were born perfect.

Please take a moment or two and read about this wonderful Saint of God.

Knuckleheads Don’t Grow On Trees

February 23, 2014

In case you didn’t hear, Michelle Obama, on a recent late night television appearance, called those unwilling to buy health insurance “knuckleheads.”

When President Obama ran for office, he relied heavily on the youth vote.

The assumption is, you protect those who helped you get elected.

But not so, even though kids under 30 were the most enthusiastic for “hope and change,” they’re running as fast as they can away from him now.

It seems the Affordable Healthcare Act is the biggest change they got, yet there’s no hope it’ll be affordable for anyone if these same kids aren’t signing up.

So now, in true form, as the hand puppet all those who worship Obama are, they mouth his words, insulting young people, especially the unmarried, for not allowing the Ventriloquist-in-Chief to shove his arm through their back packet.

For those my age “Knucklehead” is a wooden creation of Paul Winchell (also Tigger’s voice) from the 50’s and 60’s.

He was the dumber of the two headlining puppets; Jerry Mahoney was the smarter.

In this video below, the skit calls for criticism of the hollow headed one only.

By sheer coincidence, it’s a painful attempt by Knucklehead to fill out a government form because he has no job.


Jerry Mahoney-Paul Winchell-Knucklehead Smiff

Mikaela’s Downhill Victory

February 22, 2014

Yesterday in Russia, America’s Olympic gold medal skiing hopes were fulfilled by a sweet young lady, Mikaela Shiffrin.

Local folks know her mom and grandmother are from Lanesborough, Massachusetts.

It was a bit of an inside joke for us who grew up on Berkshire slopes; the night skiing capital of the world.

Sharp turns at high speeds are necessary to avoid chairlift towers and snow guns.

That move she pulled in the second run, almost flying off the course but hanging on by the tip of her poles, could only be accomplished by a teenager…they do those moves nightly at Jiminy, Bousquet and Butternut.

Speaking of “downhill,” once we’re done giving God thanks for Mikaela’s amazing runs, don’t forget to offer up a prayer for her to stay cute, sweet and innocent.

The world is real good at taking lovely young ladies like her and doing everything it can to turn them into sex symbols, as if that’s all that matters when a woman becomes famous.

Mikaela, we love you just the way you are.

Listen closely to mom and dad, they know what’s best and care way more about your well-being than can be humanly measured.

Great job!

USOC Media Summit

Judging a Dunkin’ Donuts

February 21, 2014

If there’s anything happening across America that makes a traveling New Englander happy, it’s the Dunkin’ Donuts explosion of retail stores…including at Airports.

Yes, it’s the best coffee for me.

Starbucks is too bitter for my palate.

I also like that in any DD’s, at any moment of the day, you’ll see a true cross section of blue, white and no collar people. (You’ll never see a house painter at Starbucks)

My wife judges them by the accuracy of the order.

Not me…I assume mistakes and look at them as opportunity to try something new.

What I like is the speed of service.

If I go through a drive-thru line in under a minute, I’m ready to write headquarters for them to receive a citation.

I don’t care if I got the guy behind me’s Bacon Egg and Cheese wrap and I ordered 6 Munchkins.

You just have to go with it, provided you get what you really came for…a form of caffeine.

I must say, there’s one pet peeve I have…it’s the outdoor overflowing trash can.

It turns my stomach.

So, New Englanders, how do you judge them?


Christians Still In Prison

February 20, 2014

Imagine for a moment that 12 women, friends of the President, were imprisoned in the Middle East by President Assad.

Do you think our President would have something to say?

Of course.

Now, let’s reverse the situation.

Imagine that 12 women, friends with Jesus, are in the same predicament, but they’re being held by the Rebel allies of Obama.

You know the answer, and you know why it takes the world’s most obscure blogger to tell you this story.

If you think this isn’t true, go out and buy the Arabic Rosetta Stone, study it for three months, then watch this video.

You’ll hear it all.

Notice also these 12 nuns have been stripped of their crosses.

The joy of the Lord in their faces, through the suffering, causes me to think of the disciples in chains, freed by angels in the Acts of the Apostles.

It’s no coincidence there are twelve.

God knows what He’s doing…His kindness always reminds us of His boundless Mercy of the past, so that we trust it for the future.

Pray for them brethren; chances are pretty good they’re praying for us.

Nuns in Prison

The Future of Girls Softball–No Girls

February 19, 2014

I always admired Red Auerbach, not just for being the greatest NBA Coach of all time, but for being the most innovative General Manager.

Toward the end of Bill Russell’s illustrious career, what did Red do?

That’s right, he made him the first Black head coach in any major sport.

Russell was actually a player/coach…making things even tougher.

Yet he still won 11 championships for the Celtics.

Imagine how many he could have won, if the WNBA were around then, and Bill had a serious identity crisis?

You see, in California Assembly Bill 1266 allows boys who feel like girls to play on any girls sports team.

Now that far superior African American basketball players have left jump-deprived Caucasian players in the dust in the NBA, how much longer will it be before bio-girls in California will actually stop making their own teams, if they have to compete with boys?

Think of the scholarship money these former “boys” could earn.

Colleges will need to abide by the new Assembly Bill as well.

Remember, for progressives, the Homosexual/Transgender movement is the new Civil Rights War.

Azusa High School near L.A. is about to liberate their girls softball team from those who throw like girls.

Good luck Pat Cordova-Goff, you’re a hero in the modern civil rights movement…just watch out for that “girl” you slide into at home-plate, “she” might be gunning for you.