The State of the Child’s Address

At one  point, I laughed out loud, when the President said:

By raising the minimum wage for workers, businesses would have customers with more money to spend in their stores.

It reminded me of the time we kids on Loumar Dr. held a “carnival” in Dave Rhinehart’s backyard, to make money.

Since no one came but me, the Georges, and the Rhineharts, the same kids who put it on, I ran home to my penny jar and brought back coins for all of us to share.

The President’s perspective on prosperity has very little to do with anyone actually earning something…it’s about taking from someone else.

His idea of “opportunity” means things like, affirmative action, higher taxes, and rigged incomes, so that those with less can have what those with more generated the hard way.

Here’s a suggestion Mr.President, why not redistribute some of that power you’re abusing?

Like the temptation to spy on our text messages, or to have the IRS harass conservatives, or to favor big campaign donors like Solyndra with half billion dollar grants, who then go on to plead the 5th before Congress when they fail.

Stop acting like a child.

Toward the end of your speech, when you introduced us to the wounded warrior in the audience, you started to make sense.

Stick with that theme sir…people who actually make sacrifices is why this country is great…not politicians with a childlike understanding of prosperity, who do favors for their friends.



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