Naked Bootleg in State of the Union Tonight

One of the best plays I ever saw live at an NFL game was by quarterback Steve Grogan.

My brother-in-law Ronnie and I were sitting way to the left at Foxboro Stadium, inside the 5 yard line in the second or third to last row.

Our seats were so high that this trick play seemed to unfold in slow motion before our eyes.

Grogan handed the ball off to his running back and the entire team dove to the right, sucking all the defensive players in.

As the QB rolled left, looking as if he had a limp, he trotted untouched into the end zone, with the ball on his hip where no one but us fans could see it, until of course he raised the ball in the air as he crossed the goal line.


In sports, that’s a great play…especially when it works.

He later told reporters that no one on the team knew about it but him.

In politics though, going it alone is often a sign of failure.

America is supposed to be a representative republic.

The media is acting as if the President’s plan to go around Congress tonight is a good thing.

Seems more lake a failure to lead in my view.

Get ready for a giant tax increase business community…you’re his enemy and class warfare sucks in the low information fans every time.

Steve Grogan


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