The Real Reason Behind NSA Data Debacle

Listen good people…none of us are perfect.

Ditto our families.

Considering the connection we all have to technology, it would be nearly impossible for a citizen to have a 100% “altar boy-like” phone and text record extending through every member of his family.

The New York Times published an op-ed article, reprinted today in the Berkshire Eagle.

Shockingly it was critical of Obama…that may be a first for the Eagle…though they made it clear whose opinion it was.

What the piece naively overlooked was speculation over other reasons beside the lame excuse of preventing terrorism, that’s inspired such aggressive behavior by Obama and his Merry Men.

Here’s my theory.

A Conservative decides to run for office.

His prospects of victory begin to grow.

But unlike Nixon at Watergate, all the wire tapping and recording devices are already in place.

All the DNC has to do is dip into the well and pull out a few juicy gems.

Maybe the candidate’s son or daughter lives an alternative lifestyle….or they themselves are taking pills for stress, or nerves, or a disease of some kind, or any other gossip worthy piece of intel.

Nothing just happens under Obama…they’re always coordinated.

Prove me wrong good people.

Here’s just a brief snippet of the bully tactics of our current administration.



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