Unfair Treatment of John Kerry

I happen to enjoy making subliminal comments, hoping to influence.

It doesn’t mean they work–bottom line–aren’t we all (at least a smidgen) about entertaining ourselves?

The latest is a lame attempt by the TransCanada team to trick John Kerry into recommending the Keystone XL Pipeline be approved from Canada to the U.S.

We conservatives know, the President WILL NEVER approve this deal, because it’s good for America and lowers fuel prices.

You see Barack is devoted to raising the cost of gasoline, so this is one prediction I make without reservation…(If wrong I’ll wear an Obama mask on my birthday every year for life).

Here’s an excerpt from a Fox News article on the latest sleight of hand…(remember Mrs. Teresa Kerry is part of the Heinz Ketchup fortune).

Watch carefully for the number 57…it’s the key word that spellbinds all billionaires associated with condiments.

Officials familiar with the State Department review said the report, known as an environmental impact statement, is expected to be relatively vague, giving Obama wide leeway to make a decision for or against the proposal, the newspaper reported.

On Thursday, U.S. and Canadian accident investigators urged their governments to impose new safety rules on so-called oil trains, warning that a “major loss of life” could result from an accident involving the increasing use of trains to transport large amounts of crude oil.

A spokesman for TransCanada said Friday it is in everyone’s interest to ensure that oil shipments are as safe as possible — whatever the method.

TransCanada has agreed to implement 57 voluntary safety measures for Keystone XL in a bid to convince U.S. officials that the pipeline is a good risk.

Nice try folks…as for me, I prefer paying upwards of $3.50 per gallon…it warms my credit card every time I pump iron with the little rubber handle on it.

Plus, we Bay-Staters like to stick together….

Hey John, can you help register my Toyota in Rhode Island, so I can avoid paying excise tax in Mass?


Public apology to the Kerrys…it’s all in good fun friends…Mr. K, the economy stinks and our wallets need a break, we’re not all Thurston J. Howell III’s…please search your heart and do the right thing.


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