Belichick–Talib–Welker–Very Lucky

Hard to believe so many sports writers in Boston are slamming Bill Belichick over his anger regarding the Wes Welker hit on Aquib Talib.

How quickly they forget the way Patriots management has behaved in the past.

These two short videos might jar their memory.

The best sports writer in history, Howard Cosell, is in the second clip.

We miss you Darryl Stingley.

As for Mr. Welker, thank God you escaped the cross of Jack Tatum…his hit was legal too.

Ironically, both Stingley and Tatum have passed on, but this bad dream lives forever.

We should all be quite grateful Talib got up and walked away.

Editor’s Note: The NFL reviewed the play and declared the hit on Talib was legal; no fine for Welker…I have a hypothetical to ponder…what if the hit was reversed?…Talib takes out Welker from the AFC Championship game…still no discipline NFL?  


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