Simple Rules All Politicians Must Follow

Several years ago, while I sat on the Pittsfield City Council, a discussion was about to take place that concerned the City renting needed property from a real estate partnership in which I was a 1/3 owner.

I got up and left the room and never participated in the vote either.

Thanks mainly to a reporter named Jonathon, sitting near me, who recommended I leave.

I was new at the game of legislating, so I appreciated his advice.

If a rookie City Councilor, in a fairly obscure place like Pittsfield can live by a code of ethics, why can’t our National politicians?

Full disclosure is important and it’s the law, especially when it comes to fair trade in government.

Isn’t it curious which political party is thumbing their nose at full disclosure in the media?

This little graphic below explains a lot.

No Disclosure


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