NSA Reading All Texts-Bring Back Love Notes

Obviously the President doesn’t just sit around and scroll through 200 million texts a day; but his people do.


Yes dear readers, the news is shocking, but only for those who previously trusted our fearless leader.

As for me…well…you know.

Every time I’d send a text about how much I loved John Boehner, my taxes would go up.

And whenever I fired off another blurb to my wife, that I liked what Michelle was wearing today, they’d go back down.

Sure, these comments sound a bit middle-school, but it seems the pre-teen passing of paper notes is just about all we have left.

And speaking of the old days, what would you think of any kid who swiped a note out of one girl’s hand, as she was passing it to another girl…then read it…especially when that note had nothing to do with that nasty boy?

He’s a little creep right?

Enough said.

Passing Notes


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