America’s Board of Directors

Too often, political partisans think the board of directors here in the U.S. are our elected officials.

How wrong they are.

The people put into office to “run things” are the “upper management.”

Management cannot hire themselves, they must be selected and then authorized to do the job.

The true board of directors for this beautiful country of ours, are we the people.

My blog by-line, Debate is Not Hate, should apply well to a typical board meeting, at which members in authority discuss the job that management is doing with our assets.

It’s not personal…it’s business.

Though the board re-appointed a certain few of the same “upper management” in the last election cycle, by a relatively narrow margin, it now seems many who sided with the current team have realized the errors of their ways.

A perfect example is the silence witnessed at the Golden Globes Awards by Hollywood elite, over the country’s failing new law–Obamacare.

In fact, it’s now the name that must not be spoken.


Because it’s as bad as Voldemort…it spells death to our economy.

O.K. board, we may have given upper management another 4 year contract, but that does not mean we don’t have the right to tell them what to do.

If you’ve been effected by the new law and you’re not calling your Congressman/woman or Senator, to complain, you’re part of the problem.

Don’t be a lazy board member.

This is your asset your trying to protect…remember?



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