Shut Down the War Chests

Good Fact: At the end of every fiscal year, folks who sell products to the federal government, like me, get phone calls from customers looking to spend what’s left in their budgets.

Better Fact: If they don’t use up what they have, say for example a million dollars, those bucks go back to the government, effectively paying down our national debt.

Best Fact: That same million, if not spent, is now permanently deducted from that branch of government’s budget, since they clearly didn’t need it all.

It was recently reported that for the first time in history, the majority of our Congressmen/women are millionaires.


Wait a minute, isn’t Mr. Obama constantly harping on income inequality?

Here’s an idea both sides of the spectrum might agree on…and I’m referring to the little people…not the politicians.

How about at the end of every election cycle, whatever’s left over in someone’s campaign war chest, like Hillary’s $4 Million, or John Boehner’s $2.7, those funds must go back to the branch of government’s budget under which they ran?

For example, a mayor, or his opponent’s stash goes back to their City, a Governor and his opposition, back to their State, and yes, finally, all of Congress and the Presidential people, turn their remnant over to our Federal Government?

In politics, the rich keep getting richer…a bit like Major League Baseball, with no salary cap.

Pro Football on the other hand has a salary cap, meaning that every year no one team has an advantage over another, because of their financial position, thus keeping the league more interesting.

Guess how interesting Senate races were here in Massachusetts while Ted Kennedy was alive…

The good news, this is a better idea than anyone else has offered, to help take corruption out of politics and level the playing field.

Unfortunately, those who would need to change the law, won’t be bested by a common sense chump like me.


I tried.

War Chest


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