Enough With the Fat Jokes

Headlines regarding Christ Christie yesterday.




Let’s just pretend conservatives ran the media, not liberals.

And imagine that it were Corey Booker or Deval Patrick who were embroiled in a controversy.

What jokes about the way they look would be used or tolerated?

The rules are so strict about such things when it comes to Democrats or minorities (large people are a minority…at least for now) I can’t even use a few examples without the risk of  being labeled a bigot.

Back off phonies.

This scandal is just one compared to dozens the Commander-in-Chief is being black-listed for, by us common folk who feel betrayed.


One Response to “Enough With the Fat Jokes”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    Some agreement here, but that being said, Christie’s attempt to downplay his Fort Lee traffic jamming scandal by planting the image in people’s minds that he first heard about it just after getting out of the shower after a workout really didn’t help…

    Let’s set all the weight-based imagining as far aside as possible and remember that Christie’s corruption and penchant for attempting to intimidate opponents really has nothing to do with his waistline.

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