In a Lowell-y Manger

I work in an industry where the majority of my customers lean hard to the right.

A recent visit from some good guys in one of the Mountain States made me laugh.

The first thing they said, as I met them in the lobby of the Pittsfield Crowne Plaza to go out to dinner was…”this place (Massachusetts) scares us a little.”

I knew exactly what they meant. (The State where killing your secretary guarantees a Democrat Senate seat for life.)

But I assured them, they were safe with me.

Not that I’m John Rambo or anything, but at least the conversation wouldn’t meander off onto how to get Hillary elected in 2016.

Thankfully, I just learned today, I’m not alone in the Bay State.

The Lowell, Mass City Council has decided to return a Nativity scene to their City Hall Plaza.

And…the vote was unanimous.

Bravo Lowell.

Thanks for being fighters…like your brothers Micky and Dicky (Ward/Ecklund that is).

I just might take clients for a ride to Lowell next Christmas…to look at the decorations.

Please read this article…the punch line by Rita Mercier, who sponsored the change is priceless–and true.



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