Democrats Need Walmart

There’s nothing worse than a person who thinks they’re in a class higher than another.

Even though Democrats claim to be for the little guy, have you ever noticed when they get into power, they’re more likely to act like the rich folks they claim are the biggest problem in America…taking lavish vacations, spending money like it’s going out of style, while their foot soldiers look the other way?

I don’t imagine too many Walmart workers are jet-setting around the planet at tax payer’s expense, whenever they feel a bit tired.

On top of that, we’re having the worst Democrat legislation in our history jammed down our throats.

Is it me, or does anyone else relish the idea that in a side by side comparison, Walmart’s Health Care demolishes Obamacare?

Thank you Richard Pollock from the Washington Examiner…you’ve helped us believe their slogan…”Low Prices, Every Day, On Everything”…including health insurance.

Check out this excerpt from his column if you don’t have time to read it all.

JAMA (Journal of American Medicine) found the unsubsidized premium for a nonsmoking couple age 60 can cost $1,365 per month (Obamacare) versus the Walmart cost of about $134 for the same couple.

Here’s an idea for our fearless leader, if he wants to save his legacy…let’s have a do-over.

Cancel the entire law and send everybody down to the nearest Walmart…most of us are already there anyways.



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