Christian Library Burns–Media Ignores

Imagine that Conservative Christians had burned down a Muslim library in Texas containing 80,000 books.

Do you think it possible the New York Times and MSNBC would find room for that tale in their daily reporting?

How about a month of headlines, just to rub it in…that ought to do it–right?

I almost can’t repeat this story, it’s so hard to even think about.

A Greek Orthodox Priest in the northern Lebanon city of Tripoli, was falsely accused by a band of Muslim thugs of writing a disparaging pamphlet about their prophet.

They proceeded to burn down his library, filled with–yep–you guessed it…80,000 books.

Now that’s what I call a religion of Peace.

But the fact is, the Priest never wrote the article.

It was published in Denmark 4 years ago by another group.

So, here we are, relying one of the most paltry, insignificant news sources on the planet, this blog, to learn of this idiotic injustice.

The pathetic Left wing Media is only out done by more pathetic radical terrorists, pretending to be a religion.

Thank you The Blaze…for letting the world see the truth about both groups.

Just in case you don’t have time to read the link below…Father Sarouj has forgiven his enemies…now that’s a religion.



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