Mark Wahlberg–New England’s Pope

I recently spoofed about how Duck Commander Phil Robertson is the Red Neck Pope.

We common folk in Massachusetts don’t often get called that name…that’s preserved for the little people a bit to the South.

Actually, the silly term up here is too crass for a Christian blog post.

Let’s just say it rhymes with an oft used insult, beginning with the letter M not A.

After watching yet another well done Mark Wahlberg movie–The Fighter–this young man, in a very quiet way, is taking over the reins as Pope for the Chowdah People.  (Speaking of crass, The Fighter is fun for adults but not appropriate for pre-teens…too many F–bombs…that’s how they roll in Lowell…Christian Bale was also superb).

It’s reported Mr. Wahlberg goes to Church daily.

That’s not normal…it’s above normal.

Thanks for being a leader and not a follower Mark.

I especially appreciate how you corrected Tom Cruise, the Pope for the Self Absorbed, for comparing tough acting jobs to a soldier in Afghanistan.


2 Responses to “Mark Wahlberg–New England’s Pope”

  1. Dan Flood Says:

    “Little people”, really? Dan Flood standing tall and proud in Oklahoma.

    • jmassery Says:

      Dan, thanks for commenting…by “little people” I was being sarcastic in my defense against an elitist mentality that thinks folks from the South don’t rank as highly as they do.

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